Remote Support which is often a solution for companies whose internal teams are being bogged down with the day-to-day help calls.


Services include:


  • Unlimited Remote Live Helpdesk

       8AM to 6PM (EST), Monday thru Friday with up to a 4 hour remote live helpdesk telephone response

       time for remote support, excluding holidays


  • Unlimited Web Ticketing Helpdesk

       24 hours a day with up to a 24 hour response time

       8AM to 6PM (EST), Monday thru Friday-- noncritical support issues only


  • Secure Internet Connectivity

       Control end user machines as well as server for problem diagnosis and resolution


  • End User Support

       Address questions regarding workstations, servers, network environment, e-mail,

       Microsoft® Operating Systems and Microsoft® Office Suite


  • Onsite Technical Support

       Additional reduced charge, available from 8am to 6pm (EST), Monday thru Friday,

       excluding holidays, for all non-project related IT issues


  • Server Monitoring

       Proactively identifies and corrects any server related issues using our real-time monitoring system


  • Antivirus Policy & Management


  • Security Policy & Management


  • Internet Policy & Management (if requested)


  • Backup & Recovery Policy & Management


  • Messaging System Support

       Email maintenance for your existing messaging system


  • Mobile Device Integration to your existing messaging platform


  • 3rd Party Software Liaison

       Troubleshooting IT related issues


  • IT Vendor Management


  • IT Procurements


  • IT Consultation


  • Reduced Project & Remote Issue Rate

       All service not covered under normal support options


*A unit is a computer or server-minimum requirement of five (5) units.