If you are considering outsourcing some or all or your maintenance or support, consider the following:


  • Is your current IT team getting swept up in end-user troubleshooting? Are you waiting hours before someone returns your call?


  • Are you falling behind with backups and testing, patches, and security?
  • Do you know if you are getting the most performance from your investment?


The decision to make changes is often in the value managed services Freedom Technology provides . . .



In our experience, there are three key aspects in providing as little downtime as possible:

    •   Live helpdesk Monday through Friday

    •   On call staff for nights and weekends

    •   Remote server monitoring


Our helpdesk technicians remotely troubleshoot problems for our clients Monday through Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm. We become experts at handling your day-to-day end user issues including logons, email issues, printer/copier issues, updates, and general questions that most IT professionals get bogged down with.  Approximately 80% of all problems are resolved using this method with an average call/resolution time of eight minutes! When an onsite visit is necessary, we deploy one of our several road technicians to your location to fix the problem.


On-call staff are available nights and weekends.  Making us available 24/7!*


Remote server monitoring gives us the ability to know when things happen that will result in a user symptom or risk.  Our software sends an alert directly to our system before or when it happens. Every alert is something important and needs to be addressed, otherwise, it could cause slow speeds, viruses, or possible loss of data. It’s a tool we use to take a proactive approach to keeping your network in good health and preventing any major catastrophes while getting your business away from the “everything being an emergency” situation.




Managing multiple vendors in a busy network can be challenging and time consuming. This is why Freedom Tech assumes the role of vendor management; a single partner for all your IT needs. We become your personal liaison between you and your ISP provider, EHR and other software providers, copier and phone system providers to eliminate the precious hours spent on hold and any ‘finger-pointing’ between vendors.


When you partner with Freedom Tech you are joining a team committed to you and your business’s technology needs.




We use a flat-fee, monthly billing model and we find that this model gives most businesses the ability to control, budget and plan their overall IT expenses while providing access to an entire team of support. We allow you to focus on your business while knowing we are keeping your network safe from breakdowns or the loss of your data. A well maintained, proactively serviced network, will always run better and you will reap the benefits of preventing fires as opposed to putting them out.









*Fees may apply