Felice Magliari

Founder, Vice President & COO

1-800-940-0040 ext 101


After earning his B.S. in Accounting from the University of Rhode Island in Kingstown, Rhode Island back in 1997, Felice quickly began his career working for a couple of different local and regional accounting firms in the RI & MA areas as a staff accountant, and later, also became an unofficial in-house IT technician. While he was working for a regional accounting firm, he began taking care of the firm’s IT infrastructure as part of his full time position, and recognized the growing need for companies to modernize the way they do business from the pen and paper approach, to the now standard PC's & online integrated software systems we use today. With that in mind, Felice left what had become an IT Director position for him at the accounting firm and started Freedom Technology Solutions along with George Jemery, in September of 2002.


Felice’s role at Freedom Tech has changed over the years.  As a small business owner, many hats had to be worn prior to finding the right people for each job, and he is very proud of the fact that they have done so with great success.  His current role as the CFO/COO/VP is one that covers almost every facet of our business, from Bookkeeper, to Help Desk Technician, to Purchasing Manager, he has done it all.


Almost 15 years later, the idea of bringing enterprise business solutions to the small to midsized level businesses has exploded. We still have almost all of the original clients with us who have been there from the start and have continued to grow in large part through word of mouth recommendations and accolades that we have received, and appreciate so much from every satisfied customer. This is in no small part due to the fact that we don’t consider our clients' IT needs as just any part of their business, but an integral part for their business development and growth, as well as our own.  We are not your typical “IT guys” and it may sound cliché, but we honestly care about our clients' success by insuring they have the best, most efficient and secure IT infrastructure available, with a personal approach.